May 26, 2013

Meet Liss Silverwing

I met Liss Silverwing in a Tophatter handmade auction one year ago. She was selling these neat hand painted pendants. 

I immediately fell in love with her style because each pendant looked like a wearable piece of art. Heck, she even signed the back of each one like artwork! It didn't hurt that she was a huge Michael Jackson fan, either (I used to own the sequin glove when I was five and "Man in the Mirror is one of my favorite songs... hard core). This is a digital painting she did of the King of Pop. Amazing.

I recently met back up with Liss on Facebook. I was so excited to see she had a Facebook page for her work and an Etsy shop, too, since I also use these methods to sell my work. Liss explained she's looking for more outlets to show new people her work, so I offered to write this blog about her to introduce you all. 

Liss Silverwing's process for making these unique pendants is somewhat of a secret, but she was kind enough to tell me some of it: set a casting stone, paint it, let it dry, then ship it to it's new home.

Check out this unique piece of wearable art that Liss did of Marilyn Monroe. She really made it special using a holographic mosaic process that catches all the colors of the rainbow when light hits it. 

CLICK HERE to view this pendant in her Etsy shop. It can be yours for only $27, which is a steal for a one of a kind art piece. 

Other items in her Etsy shop, Cute Little Things by Liss Silverwing, range from a very affordable $7 to just $37. She offers digital paintings, wearable art pendants, and these neat ACEO cards. 

ACEO stands for "art cards, editions and originals." They're like trading cards for artists. I've thought about making some years ago, and after seeing Liss Silverwing's cards I have the itch to make them again. 

Here are two of her ACEO cards that I've got my eye on... 

The card on the left is available on You can CLICK HERE to buy it. Bidding starts at only $20! Liss said she was inspired by a painting on the back of her son's bible to make this card. I love the color of the sky and the way she captured the ocean waves. 

The card on the right is available in Liss' Etsy shop. CLICK HERE to buy it for just $37 while it's still available! She calls this one "Love Never Fails" and used an intricate design of various patterns that build up to the holographic mosaic heart in the center. 

Liss lives in Romania and ships worldwide. The pendant I bought from her on Tophatter last year came in a neat international envelope, too. It was so neat to receive a piece of mail from another country!

Now that you've met Liss Silverwing (and hopefully liked her Facebook page and checked out her Etsy shop) please leave her a comment below. Thanks a bunch, guys!